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About us is the biweekly digital magazine in Italian and English that, together with the bimonthly print magazine COM.PACK (in Italian), provides comprehensive information for developing sustainable packaging projects. Both magazines are owned by Elledì srl. is an online magazine registered 2 February 2021 at the Court of Milan with registration no. 481. COM.PACK is an offline magazine registered 14 September 2011 at the Court of Milan with registration no. 455; ISSN Code 2240 0699. The Director is Luca Maria De Nardo, the owner and publisher is Elledì srl, via G. Montemartini, 4-20139 Milan (Italy), Vat no. 06607020960. Elledì srl offers editorial and communication marketing services made-to-measure for companies and trade associations.

Who are the contributors to this website?

Journalists supported by experts, professionals, university lecturers, researchers and designers.

Who finances this website?

The online periodical is self-financed, but accepts advertising and guarantees full respect of the completeness and accuracy of information.

What is the purpose of this website?

To provide information and analyse in detail relevant topics and opinions of experts based on the objective exchange of ideas.

What are the sources of information?

The primary sources are personal contacts with professionals, institutions and companies; the secondary sources are the media as a whole.

What is the information based on?

On the verification of facts, the reliability of information, and on technical and market data and more generally, on expert opinions.

How is the information selected?

The director and the editorial office work jointly in adherence to the code of conduct of the Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti Italiani and the criteria of the profession. The director and the editorial office support journalism through frequent contacts with specialists of many different backgrounds.

How updated is the information?

Every journalistic report indicates the online publication date. Each report is available in an archive for later consultation for the minimum duration of one year.

What information does the website collect about visitors and for what purpose?

Consultation is open to all; personal data will be collected and stored in accordance with Italian Law.

How are the contents of the website to be used?

For consultation only: rights of reproduction, even partial, of texts and images are reserved.