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IMA Group / At Interpack, an Ever-Evolving System

The key role of sustainability in designing processes and products in 5000 Sqm and 46 machines

Editorial staff

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ima at interpack 2023 ever-evolving system

With almost 5,000 Sqm and 46 machines on show, IMA brings together all its production entities on a single stand; a technological and innovative environment, in which each element has its own structural function and each individual finds their own dimension.
INTERPACK 2023 embodies the most unique occasion to discover our processing and packaging solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Food, Personal Care, Tissue & Nonwoven, and E-commerce industries.

ima at interpack 2023 ever-evolving system 3
At Interpack 2023, the booth’s design will represent the Group’s development philosophy and highlights the key role of sustainability in designing processes and products, outlining a fundamental combination for IMA: respect for the environment and advanced technology.

The booth is crossed by a Central Mile which allows the IMA offering to be presented in an intuitive way, combining the market-specific areas where the Group traditionally operates with those representing the recently entered markets, highlighting new acquisitions, cross-company synergies and news on show:
• Pharma: Solid Dose Processing, Aseptic Processing & Freeze Drying, Primary & Secondary Packaging Solutions, Medical Devices Assembly
• Medical Devices Assembly
• Food: Tea & Coffee, Savoury, Preserves & Condiments, Produce, Beverages & Baby Food, Dairy & Cheese, Bakery & Biscuits, Chocolate, Confectionery & Snacks.
• Personal Care
• Tissue & Nonwoven
• E-Commerce

In the heart of the Future Mile, the Sensing Future Arena, a focal point for sharing and meeting. Here multiple Talks will follow, 10/15-minute speeches in which technicians, specialists and experts from various universities and institutions will talk about issues related to sustainability, innovation and technology and not only: together with the team of IMA specialists from the various businesses, presentations about lines and new machines on show will alternate, all in an informal environment where questions can be asked and live discussions on technologies can be held. All agenda info will soon be available on the dedicated fair website. The square also hosts the Digital Hub, devoted to the IMA Digital project; the IMA ZERO area, devoted to the Group’s sustainability project; and the HR spot.

Today sustainability and digital transformation are two sides of the same coin, capable of having a positive impact on business and environment.

ima at interpack 2023 ever-evolving system 2
About Digitalization on show
The machines speak Digital and tell of the IMA Smart Factory. They are connected, data collected in real time are sent to the Control Room present at the fair and then displayed on the various dashboards. An actual simulation of what happens during production: data analysis, potential implementations and the increase in production capacity, with the support of the industrial metaverse etc. Sustainability and Digital, opposite and integrated concepts which in the Sensing Future Arena actively converse with each other to complete and enrich the Digital Hub, which is the portal providing access to all IMA Digital products now available on the market.
On show, it will be possible, by reserving an appointment, to get a first-hand look at all the products and services that IMA offers.

About Sustainability on show
The green element comes to life with the IMA ZERO program: the promise of a constant, virtuous, and sustainable approach to the future, in which the Group highlights its awareness that today’s commitment will make the difference in tomorrow’s world. The technologies on show include machines belonging to the LOW and NOP projects, dedicated to the reduction of energy consumption and the research of eco-friendly and recyclable materials.
Moreover, IMA is bringing a part of its OPENLab to the show, a small scaled laboratory to illustrate the analysis and research on packaging materials that the IMA Group carries out in its worldwide network of laboratories.

During the event, visitors will be able to run tests on their materials’ samples thanks to our OPENLab instruments present:
• Infrared Spectrometer, to identify the material’s chemical nature through the absorption of the infrared radiation.
• Optical Microscopy, to count and measure the layers of which a material is made, analyse surface and defect with potential measurement of elements of interest.
• Aneolia Exos, to test the final packaging: hermetic seals, burst test and measurement of the remaining oxygen and/or CO2 inside the package.

Thanks to IMA Experts in the OPENLab on show, customers will be able to bring their own packs or materials and receive a full analysis, directly on IMA Stand; more information at