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Marchesini / This year it celebrates its 50th anniversary

Group has selected three third sector entities that well represent the three pillars: Avant-garde, Culture, Territory

Editorial Staff

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Marchesini Anniversary

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Marchesini has decided to promote a charitable project in support of three associations that we have identified in collaboration with Fondazione Marchesini ACT. With the aim of supporting concrete and innovative projects, the Foundation has selected three third sector entities that well represent the three pillars: Avant-garde, Culture, Territory.

Marchesini plant
This year, Marchesini will talk about the future, starting with the protagonists of the tomorrow: the youth. It has issued a challenge to university students, particularly those in the engineering faculty, asking them to work in groups and develop innovative business solutions in the field of pharmaceutical packaging.

The project, developed in collaboration with BOOM (the innovative Knowledge and Innovation Hub by CRIF), will last for six months. During this period, various teams of young university students will be tasked with exploring new methods of drug utilization, new materials for packaging and new technological frontiers, aimed at improving the sustainability of machinery and packaging.

Participants from different geographical areas will be guided by mentors from Marchesini Group, who will support them throughout the challenge. A panel of experts will judge the final works, awarding the winning group with a cash prize during the concluding celebration of our 50th anniversary. With this initiative, Marchesini aims to provide young individuals with the opportunity to engage, innovate, enhance their knowledge, and explore the employment and training opportunities within the Group.

Marchesini - specialization in blisters
The Museum
The GYM, acronym for Growing Younger Museum, is a museum space that tells company's story through the eyes of the pioneers - it was back in 1974 when founder Massimo Marchesini built his first cartoner in a garage and laid the foundations for the birth of Marchesini Group.

Marchesini people
The name chosen aims to sum up the company philosophy in three words: to grow while remaining young, or in other words, to work in a modern way without losing sight of the distinctive characteristics that have made Marchesini a point of reference in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machines. The museum was inaugurated in 2014 on occasion of the Open Factory to celebrate 40 years in business, and over time has become one of the institutional backdrops within the company.

Marchesini Museum
Experimental art exhibitions are held within its walls - the famous exhibition in 2017 of the ZED project, an extraordinary fusion between art and science capable of representing the human state of mind - and meetings with the press, as well as public debates among top management, local and national authorities and shareholders.